Compensation For Shoddily Built Celtic Tiger Homes


It’s been recommended that a redress programme should be set up for people who bought homes that were shoddily built during the Celtic Tiger.

The measure will be recommended in a report from the Oireachtas committee on housing, which will be published later.

The committee was looking at building standards and consumer protection.


One of their recommendations is a redress scheme for homes built before 2014 that have latent defects.

The committee believes owners who bought in good faith shouldn’t be liable for repairing work needed because of the “incompetence, negligence or deliberate non-compliance of others”.

They’ve suggested putting a levy on the construction industry, allowing home owners to write repairs costs off against tax, or an interest free loan scheme.

It could benefit those living in developments like Priory Hall and Longboat Boat Quay – as well as people in homes affected by pyrite.

The committee also recommends setting up a Building Standards and Consumer Protection body, that would act in a similar way to the Food Safety Authority or EPA.