Cork Forecourt Takes The Plunge And Drops Fuel Prices Below €2 A Litre As Queues Form

Car Fuels - Fuel Nozzle

A TikTok video shows queues form outside a forecourt in Co. Cork where petrol prices dropped below €2 a litre, amidst the frustration of the recent highs of forecourts nationwide selling fuels for sky high prices.

Maxol in Rathcormac in the Rebel County were selling petrol for ‘just’ €1.99 per litre. A video shared to by Cork mom of three @NorriePitbull revealed prices had sunk with long queues availing of the more competitive fuel.

The intrepid Norrie Pitbull joked that ‘it feels like 1999! I could finally afford half a tank of petrol!

In her video she suggested people take full advantage of the price ‘So if anyone is in the Rathcormac area in Cork, I’m in a big long queue here and I’ll show you exactly why,’

So this is why I’m in the queue — it’s 1.99 a litre. So get yourself down to Rathcormac fill your car up as much as you can.’

Motorists have been slowly considering the practicalities of their car use, especially as petrol prices soar exponentially, with average costs up to a debilitating €2.16 per litre.

It was revealed in June that the government took in more than €300m in taxes on petrol and diesel in the month of April alone, jamming the exchequer’s coffers.

The government is squarely blaming events that are beyond their control, principally supply issues based on the ongoing war in Ukraine.