Councillor Blasts ‘Tree Huggers’ Blocking Removal of Dangerous Trees

@FineGael Cllr. David McManus @mcmanusdavid Councillor for Rathfarnham Templeogue

South Dublin county council has been told to stop “pandering to tree huggers” and remove dangerous or diseased trees.

It comes after a car had it’s back window smashed in when a large branch fell on it in Rathfarnham two weeks ago.

Tree huggers” are stopping South Dublin County Council from removing dangerous trees, that are twice the size of houses.

That’s according to the Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council – who says someone could have been seriously injured when a large branch recently fell on a car in Rathfarnham.

Councillor David McManus says the wrong varieties were planted in some areas, which are also causing trip hazards;

Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County Council says it’s lucky no one was injured or killed;

“Some of these trees in public areas are twice the height of nearby family homes, they’re enormous and any time from experience the council try and take action and prune a tree, there are always tree huggers complaining that no tree should ever be pruned, even if that tree is dangerous, even if that tree is diseased or dead.”

Councillor McManus believes Rathfarnham and Templeogue are among the worst affected areas.

He says the wrong type of trees were planted when housing estates were built around 40 to 50 years ago.

The deputy mayor has called on South Dublin County Council to urgently change its tree management policy.