Covid Cluster Forces Closure of City Centre Construction Site

Photo by Silvia Brazzoduro on Unsplash

A construction site in Dublin city has been shut down after a number of workers tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Irish Times reports a site on Townsend Street, that involved the construction of a hotel and apartment complex, is affected.

John Paul Construction says one employee was confirmed to have the virus and, after testing, a number of additional positive cases were identified.

In the statement, John Paul Construction said: “Following confirmation that a staff member on one of our construction sites in Dublin had tested positive for Covid-19, comprehensive testing has identified a number of additional positive cases.

“We have followed the specific advice of the HSE and the Health and Safety Authority at all times in relation to this matter and are assisting the HSE in arranging further tests as required. We have temporarily closed the site as advised by the HSE.”

The company said the health, safety and wellbeing of it workers and the communities in which it operated was its top priority “and we wish those affected a speedy recovery”.

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