Crazy Town Singer Shifty Shellshock Dies Aged 49


Crazy Town frontman Shifty Shellshock, has died aged 49.

Shellshock whose real name is Seth Binzer, was the lead singer of rap rock band Crazy Town who are best known for their 2000 hit single, ‘Butterfly’. 

The track which you can check out below, included the catchy lyrics: “Come, my lady, come-come, my lady, you’re my butterfly, sugar baby”.

Butterfly featured as part of Crazy Town’s debut album The Gift of Game, reaching number one in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and remains the band’s biggest hit.

Their next album Darkhorse did not enjoy similar success and Crazy Town split up in 2003, before reuniting in 2015 to release a third album The Brimstone Sluggers which paid homage to the band’s original name.

Following the departure of co-founder Bret ‘Epic’ Mazur in 2017, Shellshock changed the band’s name to Crazy Town X.

Shifty Shellshock 

Los Angeles County Medical Examiner had confirmed via their website that Shifty Shellshock died at his home on Monday (24 June).

No cause of death was confirmed at the time of writing.

As well as success with Crazy Town, Shellshock also released a solo album Happy Love Sick in 2004. He also featured in Paul Oakenfield’s popular noughties hit Starry Eyed Surprise.

The singer is also survived by his three children, Halo, Gage and Phoenix.