Criminal Gary Carey Dies From His Injuries After Gangland Shooting In June

Dublin - Hilton car park- Shooting - June 24-22

Gardai will launch a murder investigation after the death of 41-year-old Gary Carey, who was shot numerous times in a gangland shooting in June in the underground carpark of the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham.

Routinely described as a ‘notorious criminal‘, Carey died from his injuries at St James’ Hospital on Friday, six-weeks on from his shooting.

He was discovered wounded by staff before being rushed to hospital on June 24th last. He was shot in the shoulder, arm, chest and leg by a gunman who had him under surveillance.

Carey was based in Spain for several months before returning home in the weeks before he was targeted. It was the third time that Carey has been shot at in the last 15 months.

In November he survived after being shot several times outside a house on Ballyfermot Crescent, when a gunman fired nine bullets through a front windscreen.

In March of last year, the now deceased Carey was shot at in Ballyfermot but escaped serious injury according to varying reports.