Crosby Reveals “Crippling Tendinitis” Is Causing Him To Lose The Ability To Play Guitar


American singer-songwriter and musician David Crosby has revealed he expects to be forced into retirement next year, as his crippling tendinitis is robbing him of the ability to play guitar.

Speaking in a recent interview on SiriusXM, Crosby told Howard Stern how he is comfortable in the fact that  he is nearing his death. However, the soon-to-be 80-year-old has said that he plans to continue working on music for as long as he could.

I am [at] the end of my life … and it’s a very strange thing,” Crosby said. “And here’s what I’ve come to [think] about it: It’s not how much time you got, because we really don’t know. I could have two weeks, I could have 10 years. It’s what you do with the time that you do have. And so, I’m trying to really spend it well.”

The Lady Friend musician said his health is “surprisingly good”, although he is losing his ability to play guitar, and “that’s kinda tough”. Crosby had shown in the interview that some of his fingers had only limited movement remaining and said; “I got another year or so of being able to play. And I can teach my parts to somebody else if I really wanna play that bad … but I don’t know if I’m gonna play anymore. You think I ought to?


It Would Be “Unbearable” To Not Have Crosby Anymore

An emotional Howard Stern told his guest that losing a musician like David Crosby was “unbearable”, and that he should keep performing as long as he can. The comment certainly touched the singer-songwriter, who has been one of America’s greatest musicians, but he left Howard with a touching message.

Don’t let it be unbearable,” Crosby replied. “People get old and die. That’s how it works, and I’m gonna. But in the meantime, I’m gonna have myself a bunch of fun. I guarantee it, because I have a PhD in fun, as you well know.”

Crosby added that he has “two more records planned”, with his latest, For Free, arriving on July 23rd.