Damon Albarn Threatens To Leave UK Forever Over MP Rees-Mogg!


Damon Albarn has claimed that any chance of Jacob Rees-Mogg becoming the UK’s next prime minister as “really terrifying”.

The Blur frontman reiterated his vow to leave the country if the ERG “extremist” was to get into power.

Speaking to the Press Association via NME, Albarn expressed fears that Rees-Mogg could attempt to topple Theresa May as the Brexit deadline of March 29 fast approaches.  Albarn also said that two years ago he promised to leave the UK if the MP took power:

“Jacob Rees-Mogg, prime minister of the UK, or even in the Cabinet, is a really terrifying proposition for all of us. I said two years ago that if he came properly into power I would leave the country. I’m serious.”

The singer believes it’s too far of a swing to the right for the UK, “He’s too right. I don’t want this country to be inhabited by that level of right extremism – it’s extremism. There’s no place for extremism. It’s troubling.”

Albarn concluded views held by Brexiteer MPs were not representative of the country

“It was one of the first things that blew my mind about the referendum, was that people were getting into bed who had nothing in common and had no intention of helping each other. It might resonate in North Somerset but it means nothing in Blackpool.”

The singer, is about to kick off a tour of intimate venues with his band The Good, The Bad and The Queen.

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