Daniel Murtagh Admits Manslaughter As Prosecution To Lay Bare Extent Of Ex-Girlfriend’s Gruesome Injuries

Criminal Courts of Justice

A 34-year-old man has gone on trial accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend at her home in Arklow, Co Wicklow in the lead up to Christmas 2019.

Daniel Murtagh, of Melrose Grove, Bawnogue, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Nadine Lott, but denies her murder.

Murtagh and Nadine Lott started seeing each other after meeting in Australia. Nadine became pregnant and returned home to Arklow, where she gave birth to a baby girl.

After Daniel returned, they tried to make a relationship work, but he eventually moved back to Dublin.

The prosecuting barrister, John O’Kelly, told the jurors it will be alleged that he murdered Nadine after she returned home from a family night out on December 14th 2019.

Daniel was staying with her after watching their daughter taking part in a number of Christmas shows.

Mr O’Kelly told the jury they’ll hear evidence that Nadine died from stabbing injuries and blunt force trauma to the face.

Daniel Murtagh admits killing her but the jury will have to decide whether he had the requisite intent for murder. He denies intending to kill or cause her serious harm.