Dave Grohl Confirms Plans To Write Memoir


In March of this year, The Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl launched an Instagram account titled ‘Dave’s True Stories’ which was set up in his words to “pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile”.

And now fans of Grohl might be getting a further insight into the life of the rock ‘n’ roll star as he confirmed recently that he’ll eventually get round to writing his memoirs.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly when asked would he ever write a memoir the Foo Fighters said:

Oh, absolutely,’ he said.’You know, years ago I was at a barbecue and I met a book agent, and he said, ‘Have you ever considered writing a book?’ and I said, ‘Well, of course, someday.’ And he said, ‘It’s really easy – you’ll do four or five hours of interviews and someone else will write it in your voice and it will be great.’ And I thought, ‘F — - that!’

 ‘I come from a family of writers, and granted I’m a black sheep but I’m not that bad, my God,’ he said.

‘So I figured, you know, if I were to ever write a book, it would be in my hand. I’ve considered it for f — -in’ years but A) I never had the time, and B) I never felt like I was ready because every day something happens that I’d love to write about, and I’d hate to write sort of a typical autobiography.’

‘So years ago I thought, ‘Well, maybe it will just a collection of anecdotes – maybe instead of it just being my life in 300 pages it could be just funny stories.’

I mean, listen, most rock musicians are great storytellers, this is true,’ he adds.

‘Because most rock musicians have spent more than a few hours in the back lounge of a bus spinning yarns, swapping stories about all the different people they’ve gotten wasted with or jammed with. So there aren’t too many rock musicians that are short on great stories.’