Watch Dave Grohl Explain The Lessons He Learnt From Cobain’s Death


Dave Grohl has opened up in an interview about how Kurt Cobain’s suicide taught him the importance of appreciating every day in the rocker’s life.

The Foo’s lead singer was talking in a new interview with CBS and discussed how Kurt’s death had made him eager to offer increasing thanks for his daily existence. Grohl explained,

“When Kurt died, I remember the next day and thinking, ‘I still get to live. So I’m going to live everyday like it’s my last one. Even if it’s the worst day, I’m gonna try to appreciate it.”


“And I still feel that way. I never wanna die. I honestly feel like if get to do this, and I’ve got these beautiful kids… I’m all good. That’s how I feel.”

Meanwhile, Grohl was praised after the dynamic frontman cooked a BBQ for firefighters taking on the wildfires in California. Grohl was there to cook food for crews in Calabasas, Los Angeles County.

Fire Station 88 were one of the lucky recipients of the free BBQ earlier this week, which was organised by Grohl’s recently launched Backbeat BBQ.

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