Dave Grohl Jokes He Made His Daughter Wear A Nirvana Shirt!


At a recent show, Foos frontman, Dave Grohl quipped that he forced his daughter Violet to wear a Nirvana shirt to honour Kurt Cobain.

Alternative Nation reports that was at a recent Foos festival appearance in Budapest, Hungary. Speaking to the crowd, Grohl said:

“Her name is Violet Grohl, that’s my daughter right there. Let me tell you something, nothing makes me happier than playing music with my daughter Violet.”

Grohl went on to explain why his daughter was wearing his old band’s T-shirt:

“And I make her wear the Nirvana shirt. I’m like, ‘You’re wearing that Nirvana shirt tonight motherf***er.’ I’m like, ‘Put on the Nirvana shirt, that’s what you will wear.’”

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins recently launched a petition to reunite Oasis in the United Kingdom…you can read more about that here.

Transcript: Alternative Nation

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