Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic Said They Are Open To The Idea Of Future Nirvana Shows


Following their musical reunion at the Foo Fighter’s gig earlier this month, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have insisted that they will not be ruling out Nirvana shows in the future. The performance marked their first time playing together since their induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

Their reunion proved to be epic, and updates surrounding potential upcoming gigs have got Nirvana fans absolutely buzzing. The grunge icons performed six tracks at the concert and were accompanied by Joan Jet and Deer Tick’s John McCauley.

Although the former band members have said that they are open to future performances, Grohl outlined that it depends on the occasion, stating: “After we played the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I considered the idea that, if there was an opportunity, we could do it again. But it’s delicate territory, and you can’t treat it like just another show. It’s very complicated, and very special. In those moments, when it just happens naturally, I think is the best way.”

Noveoselic maintains a similar viewpoint to Grohl, admitting that although it was an unbelievable experience to play with the band again, it will not become a “regular thing” and he doesn’t want it to become a “full circus”. Discussing his experience of performing the band’s hugely successful anthem, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, Grohl stated: “It was like being shot into outer space. Being able to play that drum fill and break into the chorus…it’s spiritual, physical and emotional.”

Check out their performance at CalJam below: