Dave Grohl Recalls Attending Daughter’s Bring Your Dad To School Day


For some, legendary rocker Dave Grohl may be one of the most recognisable performers of rock but not to his daughter’s class. The rocker starred in bands like Nirvana and Foo Fighters but was mistaken for a magician at Violet’s ‘show and tell’ day.

When Dave was asked to come to his daughter’s school, he brought along some of his 16 Grammy awards and memorabilia, but he did not receive the expected result. The Foo Fighters frontman took part in Violet’s class event several years ago, and he hoped the young kids might be interested in the life of a musician.

“When my daughter was maybe like five years old, she was in pre-school and they had this bring your dad to school day,” Grohl said in a recent interview. “So, I grabbed a couple of Grammys. I got a bunch of laminates. I got some drumsticks. […] I’m sitting in, like, a rocking chair, in front of all these little kids. […] I’m like, ‘Okay. Hi. I’m Violet’s dad. My name’s Dave, and I’m a musician.”

Dave said the kids were impressed when they were allowed to hold his Grammys and the rocker was initially pleased with their response.

“I’m like, ‘I play the drums,’ and I hand the sticks,” Dave continued. “I hand them the lanyards; I’m like, ‘These are backstage passes.”

Dave was originally pleased with the response from the session, thinking that he had taught the kids about life of a rock star. However, that was until he heard from a friend, who also had a daughter in Violet’s class.

“[She] told her parents, ‘Violet’s daddy came to school today [and explained] what he does,” Dave explained. “And my friend said, ‘What does Violet’s daddy do for a living?’ And the kid said, ‘He’s a magician!’”

Dave’s band, Foo Fighters, have just released their new album, Medicine at Midnight. Earlier this year, the band debuted the first single called Shame Shame on Saturday Night Live