Dave Grohl Says He’s Planning To Write A Song Of Epic Proportions!


Foo Fighters’ unstoppable lead singer, Dave Grohl has revealed that he is intending to record a 25 minute instrumental song where he will play every single instrument on the track. Speaking to Madison.com: Grohl said,  ‘I have a studio in Los Angeles where I’m going to set up an expanse of instruments, several drum kits, a load of guitars, bass, rhythm and lead.

‘I’ll hit play and the clock will start ticking. I’ll record the first drum part, then I’ll run to the next drum set and play another drum part that will record over the first.’

Grohl is no stranger to being a multi instrumentalist, it’s how he worked on early Foo Fighter’s recordings and recorded the entire debut album himself. That was before he recruited the live band. He also said he intends to turn the recording into a film project

‘Then I’ll do the same with all the guitars – all assigned to a different moment in the instrumental The best part is we’ll film everything with multiple cameras so by the end of it, you’ll see and hear one song being played for 25 minutes, with six different Dave Grohls playing every note, on every single instrument, all the way through in one take.’

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