David Bowie’s Ashes Scattered At Burning Man


According to reports, David Bowie’s ashes have been scattered at Burning Man.

E! has reported that the singer’s widow, Iman gave permission to Bowie’s godchild to take some of his ashes to the Nevada desert gathering. The publication was told by a source that Bowie and his godchild “had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it”.

The Temple of Black Rock City, which is temporarily set up in the Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man, was used by 70 people to remember Bowie. The temple is set up to let people mourn their loved ones and is then burned to the ground at the end of the week.

An eye-witness said “We played [Bowie’s] music the entire drive from our camp to the Temple and back… Most of us had the Bowie face paint on in his honor.”

David Bowie passed away in January this year, aged 69, after loosing his battle with liver cancer. Two days before, the musician released his final album, ‘Blackstar’.

While speaking to Rolling Stone about the late musician, Danny McCaslin who played saxophone on Bowie’s final album said “David allowed ‘Blackstar’ to be what it was going to be regardless of how people might have categorised it.”

Photo Cred: Rosana Prada