David Crosby and Chance The Rapper Star In A New Twitter Ad.


We’re not really sure why exactly twitter is doing an ad, let alone an ad featuring hip hop golden child Chance the Rapper, and rock grandfather/regular old twitter grump David Crosby.

But sure enough it’s 2017, and we guess this is the world we live in these days.

In the new ad, we see Chance the Rapper ask for requests for a gig he is about to play, and as such a twitter firestorm starts. Filled with snippets of his fans tweeting about their favourite Chance The Rapper songs, and intercepted by David Crosby doing what he does best (next to music of course) and starts trolling.

He tweets his request to Chance “Any song with real music”. This is particularly akin to real life,  as Crosby has before tweeted his belief that rap music isn’t real music. Later in the ad he follows up the tweet suggesting a possible collaboration between the pair.

Love Trumps Hate or whatever it is the kids are saying these days.

If you’re not a regular follower of Crosby on twitter, than this ad is a good reminder for you to check him out on the social media site. He regularly tweets out his thoughts on the current state of the music industry and the world in general, which always makes for fun reading.

In order to make sense of the ad, we did some mild investigation into the topic. (You’re welcome) and according to the Washington Post, Twitter chief marketing officer Leslie Berland said the new ad campaign is intended to show people how twitter is “unique” compared with other social media sites. Users can actually “see different perspectives” on the Twitter. Berland stated that this is due to the wide array of people who use twitter “whether it be a journalist, a citizen, a celebrity of an artist”.

The new campaign which carries the tagline #SeeEverySide, is expected to run for several months and includes a TV commercial and online ads that will appear across the web including on rival sites such as Instagram,  Facebook and YouTube.

Photo cred: Twitter