David Gilmour Shares New Single ‘Between Two Points’


David Gilmour has released a new single, ‘Between Two Points’. 

The track which you can check out below, sees Gilmour join forces with his daughter Romany, who is on vocals and plays the harp on the pair’s cover of The Montgolfier Brothers’ 1999 single.

It is the second single from Gilmour’s new album ‘Luck and Strange’. More on this from Nova here.

Gavin Elder directs the music video for this cover, which shows Romany playing the harp, while travelling on a train, as well as close-ups of epic guitar playing from Gilmour.

The former Pink Floyd guitarist can also be heard singing the following lyrics with Romany: “And you can see it in the way thеy look at you / Feel it in the way they treat you / Always the last to know / Always the first to leave”. 

Check out this video for yourselves below.

“a great arrangement”

Praising the pair’s cover of the track, Mark Trammer of the Montgolfier Brothers called it a “great arrangement and production”. 

“David and Romany’s version of our song is a great arrangement and production”, Trammer said.

He also added: “Like all the best covers, it diverges from the original but keeps the spirit. Romany’s vocal phrasing of Roger Quigley’s words and the harp playing are both truly beautiful. David Gilmour’s distinctive guitar adds a whole new dimension. I still find it incredible that David and Polly chose to cover our song from all the songs out there”. 

Speaking about the track in a press release, David Gilmour had this to say.

“I’ve had that song on my playlist since it was released. More recently I mentioned it to one or two people: I assumed that it had been a hit, but no one knew it. I asked Romany to give it a go”, he stated.

The video’s director Gavin Elder hailed the performance of Romany.

“Romany performs this song with an extraordinary level of fragility, vulnerability and understated control. There’s a subtle, yet deep emotional rapport between David and Romany, captured with handheld cameras, enhancing the tension within the video”, he said.

Back in May, David Gilmour announced a show at Rome’s historic chariot-racing stadium Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo), as part of a run of shows in the US between September 27 to October 3.

More on this from Nova here.