Dead Weather Reveal Guitar Tutorial Video


The Dead Weather have released the third video in a series videos which shows each band member going through the different techniques they use. The newest video shows guitarist Dean Fertita demonstrating his guitar technique for ‘Let Me Through’.

The Dead Weather released their third studio album Dodge & Burn earlier this month on September 25th. The previous videos by the band showed Jack White showing off his drum technique and bassist Jack Lawrence showing us some of his bass lines.

Dean Fertita revealed that the guitar was the last component of the song when he said “The song was based around a bass riff that we just looped, and Alison [Mosshart] wrote the lyrics and vocal without guitar at all; just bass and drums.”

Then he described how the Bit Commander pedal gave his instrument its crunching sound, similar to the video Jack Lawrence did with his bass. The Dead Weather guitarist then described how he bends the low E string at the 10th fret and other intricacies behind the riff.

“This pedal kind of gives a lot of dimension to anywhere you play on it,” said Fertita before moving on to talk about the guitar solo. In doing so he highlighted his Fulltone ETC-1 Analog Tape Delay and how it works on the ‘Let Me Through’ guitar solo.


Photo Credit: Rob Harris