Dedicated Nudist Hid For 14 Hours In The Ground Before Streaking During United Game!

El Hombre Desnudo de Granada Olmo Garcia
‘El Hombre Desnudo’ de Granada – Marca

A naked man who ran on to the pitch during Manchester United’s Europa League tie last night had hid in the stadium for 14 hours its emerged!

The Red Devils clash with Spain’s La Liga side Granada was interrupted by 37-year-old Olmo Garcia, who ran across the field before rolling on the ground.

Police say Senor Garcia snuck into the stadium yesterday morning and concealed himself in a canvas for the entire day.

ESPN reports he’s well known for this locally, and is nicknamed “The Naked Man Of Granada.”

Garcia ran onto the pitch in the 10th minute, throwing himself to the floor and rolling around before being escorted away by police.

He made it onto the pitch from underneath a large canvas, where he was hidden,” the police said.

The man made it into the stadium at 7 A.M. after getting through the security perimeter located between the stadium and the Palacio de Deportes building, where it is clear he spent the next 14 hours hidden under the canvas in order to not be seen until he decided to make his move.”