Dee Woods On Pink Floyd’s The Wall


Concerts come and go but every so often a gig comes along that has the potential to actually change you.

Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters brought ‘The Wall’ tour here last year, and to say it wowed crowds at The O2 would be an injustice.

I couldn’t make the gig as I was on-air in Radio Nova on the night. In addition to turning green from reading tweets and texts from concert-goers, I had the pleasure of playing chauffeur to my other half for the journey home as the radio station is right beside The O2. (Just call me Cinderella).

I was glad I was there to pick him up though, because his reaction to what he had witnessed has always stayed with me. Still in awe, he could barely string the words together as he tried to recount what he’d just seen on stage.

As you’d expect from a walking legend who co-founded, performed with and wrote music for one of the world’s greatest rock bands, Roger Waters and his band created music that was top notch: playing the entire ‘The Wall’ album.

As you may not always expect from a concert, the visual stageshow was as impressive as the sound. A giant-sized wall stretching the length and height of the stage, was built, brick by brick from the start of the show, impeccably timed to the music, until it towered over the audience by the end of the set.

I was told you don’t even notice the wall being ‘constructed’ at first because Waters draws you in with Floyd’s iconic double album. I remember shaking my head and cursing mid-week concerts, thinking that kind of show was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Happily, I was wrong. Roger Waters and his band return to Dublin next year for an even bigger, more dramatic show of The Wall. Run Like Hell for tickets.