Deep Purple To Record New Album Next Year


Deep Purple have recently announced that they will enter into the studio next year to record a new album. It will be the band’s first album since 2013’s Now What!?

In a recent interview, guitarist Steve Morse spoke about their plans to record a new album next year. Morse said they are “still in the discovery process” with new material.

Speaking about the new album, Morse citied producer Bob Ezrin as a contributing factor saying “He worked us. I think he inspired us. His two words were, ‘Stretch out.’ I think we did stretch out,” said Glover of the Now What?! sessions. “We recorded all at the same time, none of this doing bits here and bits there and adding it all together and making it whole.”

The Deep Purple man spoke about the writing process for the new album saying “We jam and jam and jam, and if we find something that we like to play or that works well or inspires us, then we’ll try to knock it into some kind of arrangement.”

Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillen then goes to work on top of that “Once we’ve got that, Ian and I will figure out what the song’s really all about, and write the lyrics and all of that stuff.”

Photo Credit: Oliver Bourgi