Def Leppard Sponsor Welsh Rugby Team. Sorta!


Welsh team Rhiwbina under-10s wear band’s logo with pride.

The mini rugby team’s coach, Richard Proctor, has done artwork for several of the band’s albums, and contacted Def Leppard about possible sponsorship.Joe Elliott said he “jumped at the chance” to sponsor the team, due to coach Richard being a “long-time friend” and someone who “works closely with the band”.Although the singer did admit that it wasn’t until afterwards he realised it was a rugby and not a football team.

The Rhiwbina under-10s, (nicknamed The Squirrels), now proudly get to wear the band’s logo on their new kit.

“Like all things with our logo on it, I think it looks spectacular” said Elliot. “I’m not sure it’s going to guarantee a winning team every week though, but at least they will look cool.”

They may not win every time, but the Rhiwbina players say they certainly receive envious glances from rival teams regarding their new sponsor, and their coach is hopeful for his team to meet the rock legends in person next time the band tour the UK.

Meanwhile, be sure to join Joe Elliott tomorrow at 10pm when he will take to Twitter to answer fan questions.