Defence Teams In Ana Kriegal Trial Deliver Closing Speeches

Defence Teams In Ana Kriegal Trial Deliver Closing Speeches

The defence teams in the Ana Kriegel trial have now finished delivering their closing speeches to the jurors.

The two boys they represent deny murdering the Kildare schoolgirl in a derelict farmhouse in Dublin, while one of them is further charged with aggravated sexual assault.

In his closing speech on Friday, prosecuting barrister Brendan Grehan SC said the case against BOY A is that he’s guilty of murder and aggravated sexual assault due to what he described as an “overwhelming forensic case against him”. He said the case against BOY B is somewhat different in that it relies on what came out of his own mouth.

BOY A’s barrister Patrick Gageby SC today told the jurors it’s easy to forget the world of a 13yo and urged them to be careful of drawing “unfair inferences” in relation to his appearance or what was described as “unusual interests”.

He also reminded them to treat his client separately to his co-accused.

BOY B’s barrister Damien Colgan SC began his final address to the jurors by saying the prosecution’s case just doesn’t add up.

He said there was no forensic evidence attached to the case against his client and claimed they couldn’t prove the boys conspired together. He also said “mere presence” is not guilt.