Degenerate Scumlord Attempts To Rent Out Half A Bed In Student’s Room

Maynooth University

A law student at Maynooth University has been allegedly told by her landlord that he would be renting out half of her room for £20 a night by trying to rent out half her BED!!

The lowlife landlord left their tenant fearing for her safety if a complete stranger was allowed to let half her room for nearly £500 extra per month.

Understandably, the girl moved out of the property quickly after such a breach of trust.

Highland Radio host Greg Hughes in Co. Donegal shared the story on air, reading: “My daughter is a law student in Maynooth. She rents a room in a house. The room has a double bed.

The landlord has just rented out one side of the bed to another girl for €25 per night.

No consultation with my daughter. We can do nothing except to give it up… It’s an absolute disgrace.”

It turned out the student’s room was being rented out under the Rent-a-Room scheme, a system which is not covered by landlord and tenant law.

On the Citizens Information website, it explains there is a significant difference between renting a ‘self-contained unit‘ and rooms that are not self contained.

This means that a converted garage or a renovated basement flat will require the rights and obligations under residential tenancies legislation that apply to you.

However, if you are renting a part of your home that is not self-contained, such as a bedroom, the Citizens Information reads: “You are not covered by landlord and tenant legislation, so the rights and obligations under that legislation do not apply to you.

“For example, you are not obliged to register as a landlord with the RTB, provide a rent book to the tenant. In general the accommodation you provide does not need to meet any minimum physical standards.”

Tenants will be renting under a licensee agreement, not a tenancy agreement which limits their rights.