Depp Documents Keith!


Johnny Depp announced that his fly-on-the wall documentary on Keith Richards is finally completed., Depp Documents Keith!

Depp and Richards became friendly while working on the 2007 movie The Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End movie — with Depp going on record as saying that he based his character “Jack Sparrow” in part on Richards’ signature “elegantly wasted” demeanor. Richards returned the honor by playing Sparrow’s father in the film.

Depp shed some light on the still-untitled doc to Britain’s Event magazine, revealing, “I’ve been working on it for about four years now and we’ve just completed the filming. Actually, it’s a little strange to call it a documentary; it’s more an opportunity to experience Keith — as people don’t get to see him, because he’s quite a mysterious being. Essentially it’s Keith and I sitting around having a conversation and what it boils down to is his wisdom and his philosophy and his experiences — and that would be cut with footage of his life.”

The actor went on to say: “I got him for five days about three years ago, and then in February I was with him for another five days and we continued from where we left off. . . I feel blessed that this guy, who has never done anything like this before, has put his trust in me and allowed him to document his life. In some way — and I’m not comparing myself to him — I feel like (legendary music documentarian)Alan Lomax. . . Doing this with Keith and recording how he thinks and how he looks back at 50 years of fame is pretty fascinating.”