Desperate Stink To Overpower Ringsend Amid Clean Up

Credit: Irish Water. Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant

People living near Dublin’s wastewater treatment plant are being told to expect a desperate stink over the next few days.

Teams are cleaning out parts of the facility at Ringsend, to remove debris that has built up over the last few months.

Irish Water says, if it doesn’t carry out the works, the smell would only get worse during the warm weather.

The plant, which now treats approximately 40% of Ireland’s public wastewater, was designed to cater for a population of 1.64 million people, but is running 20% over-capacity.

The problem comes to a head during “extreme” weather events.

Usually rain waters flows through drains into the Ringsend plant, where it is kept in vast tanks with semi-treated wastewater.

However, if the volume of rain is too high, then the tanks overflow into the bay!!!!!!