Diego Maradona’s Golden Ball Trophy To Sold At Auction Against Wishes Of His Heirs


Diego Maradona’s Golden Ball trophy is to be auctioned off against the wishes of his heirs.

The proposed sale of this trophy has caused consternation amongst his heirs, who insist that the current owner has no right to sell it.

Diego Maradona was awarded this trophy, after he was named the best player at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, which was won by Argentina. The trophy has only recently resurfaced, having been missing for decades.

Many people have also offered different theories over this stolen trophy.

Some people have suggested that the trophy was lost during a poker game, or sold to pay off old debts.

Other people have also suggested that Diego Maradona stored the trophy in a Naples bank, robbed by local gangsters in 1989, when he was playing with Napoli at the time.

Diego Maradona’s heirs also claim that it was stolen from a bank.

“not favourable”

In a French court, it was ruled that the auction would go ahead, despite the objections by Maradona’s heirs.

The heirs had tried to stop the auction from happening, and have even started an urgent judicial procedure. They claimed that that the trophy had been stolen, and that he owner had no right to sell it.

According to lawyer Gilles Moreu, the court’s ruling “was not favourable to the heirs of Diego Maradona”.

But the auction house have stated that the trophy reappeared in 2016, as well as other lots bought from a private collection in Paris.

Mr Moreu had said that the court had believed that the current owner who was identified as Mr Benchieb, was “acting in good faith”. 

Mr Benchieb has insisted that he was unaware that the trophy had been stolen. He also added that he bought the trophy years ago.

Mr Moreu had stated that his clients were “both surprised and saddened” by this ruling.

He also added: “We intend to use all available means of recourse between now and 6 June”. 

It will go up for sale under the hammer at the Aguttes auction house in Paris next Thursday, and is expected to fetch for millions.

Football legend Maradona passed away in 2020.