Dirty Projectors Cover John Lennon’s ‘Isolation’ for COVID-19 Relief


In the autumn of 1970 John Lennon was feeling lonely. The Beatles had ended in tears, primal-scream therapy was putting him in touch with his childhood pain like never before and it often felt like it was just himself and Yoko Ono against the world. You can hear it all on his classic solo debut, Plastic Ono Band. It has a sort of “home alone on the edge of sanity” vibe about it, and back then nobody was using the expression, “social distancing.”

Now Dave Longstreth, the Dirty Projectors’ lead singer and guitarist, has just released a cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation.” Starting with an ambient electronic organ, Longstreth’s calm voice comes in and does a beautiful rendition of the track.

Listen to Dirty Projectors’ version OF “Isolation” below

“My cover of Plastic Ono Band’s “Isolation” is up for streaming & purchase. All proceeds through April 3rd are going toward MusiCares’ COVID-19 relief fund for musicians and music industry folks whose work has been disrupted by the crisis. So I encourage you to buy it (pay-what-you-wish) and we can be a part of helping combat this together 💙🌎💚,” Longstreth said in a statement.

Some are saying the tune is a vast improvement from the other Lennon cover that recently dropped….eeek!