Senior Doctors Warn That We Are Sleep Walking Into Legalising Cannabis


A warning that Ireland is sleep walking into the legalisation of cannabis has been labelled ‘scaremongering” by those campaigning for a change in the laws.

Medicinal cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey has said that she was “devastated” to read the comments of doctors who have criticised what hey call a “one-sided debate on cannabis.”

The group of senior doctors have formed the Cannabis Risk Alliance to oppose any move to legalise the drug.

They believe there is a complacency among lawmakers and the public over the possible legalisation of the drug.

The senior doctors believe positive news about the drug is dominating the debate to date, while the harmful effects are being overlooked.

Dr Bobby Smith is a Child Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist, he says the most recent surveys says the cannabis is the number one drug driving referrals to addiction services.

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