DogsTrust Plea To Dog Owners As SEVEN Puppies Left Abandoned On Car Roof

(Picture does not display puppies involved)

DogsTrust are urging struggling dog owners to get in contact if they can no longer care for their dogs. The plea comes after a litter of seven, two-week old puppies were found abandoned, by a lady in Co. Meath.

The woman found a bucket on the roof of her car, containing seven puppies, huddled together. She immediately contacted DogsTrust, who took the puppies into their dedicated puppy wing in their Rehoming Centre in Finglas.

Karla Dunne, DogsTrust Ireland Head of Operations, is urging owners to “get in touch” if they think they may need to give their dog up for adoption.

“We take in dogs for all sorts of reasons: from changes in accommodation and finances, to relationship breakdowns and family crises. Asking us for help is the most responsible thing you can do for your dog.

Dunne said they will do ‘all they can’ with limited resources but will be unable to take a dog in ‘some circumstances’.

“If that’s the case we’ll offer advice if we can, and hopefully be able to point you and your dog in the right direction to get the support that you need.”

The puppies are now being cared for by the DogsTrust Rehoming Team and are now doing well. Although, they require bottle feeding every two hours and round-the-clock care.

Maciej Trojanowicz, DogsTrust Ireland Rehoming Centre Manager, worries for the pup’s mother.

“We are very worried about their mum, what happened to her and why she was separated from her puppies and would urge her owner to contact us.

“Bottle feeding puppies is very rewarding but exhausting, especially throughout the night and there is always a fear with puppies so young that they might not survive.

“Thankfully, these little ones seem to be strong and healthy and we think they will be quite large when fully grown, given their size for their age.”

Meanwhile, when the puppies are old enough to leave their carers, they will have loving new homes, as they have now all been booked for adoption.