Dublin One Of The Best Cities For Live Music!

Live Music Could Return to Ireland within Two Week

Dublin is one of the best cities around for the globe live music for live music. Our dear capital has been included alongside New York and Havana. The city came high in the rankings which was compiled by a Lonely Planet review of the world’s most musical cities to visit.

Dublin and Nairobi were two cities that Lonely Planet claimed you could be sure to have the craic with a guaranteed toe-tapping time. The famous travel guide said Dublin embodies the ‘fleeting thrill of live performance’. It went on to report that when it comes to gig selection Dubliners are spoilt for choice, ‘the gig selection is as eclectic as anywhere in the world but it is the unique tones of traditional Irish music that draws most visitors.’


Dublin Trad Band: Lankum

The Lonely Planet also went on to maintain that the ‘trad scene’ is experiencing a period of special vibrancy now than it has in the last 50 years. The travel bible claims Ireland has ‘a wealth of young musicians experimenting and invigorating this uniquely Irish sound.’ Describing our traditional melting pot as a ‘toe-tapping fusion of fiddles, pipes and acoustic guitars.’

According to the Independent, Dublin has been joined by the likes of Seville, for its passionate flamenco and the Cuban capital of Havana for its Latin rhythms. The Australian city of Adelaide got recognition for its rocking reputation while New York, Tokyo and Marrakesh were also name-checked.

The Lonely Planet gave a nod out to Dublin’s lively Hip-Hop scene, the report said, ‘Irish hip-hop is finally going mainstream in the most thrilling way. Combining heavy beats, local accents, political issues and a very Irish linguistic mastery, these artists are carving out a new musical identity for the city.’

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