Dublin Man Driven To ‘Brink Of Suicide’ By Female Stalker


A maniacal stalker who plagued her Irish ex in a ten-year “living nightmare” was sent to prison for four years yesterday. Lina Tantash, 43, undertook a “sinister and sustained” onslaught against Jarlath Rice, aged 50, hounding him with correspondence and insisting that he see her.

Filmmaker and college tutor, Rice, was forced to the brink of suicide after he was endlessly stalked by an ex-lover who accused Rice of “breaking a love contract”. After Mr. Rice ended his fling with Tantash, he then emigrated from Dublin to Brighton. However, his bid to escape his former girlfriend failed as she followed him to England.

She was also in contact with his friends, family and work colleagues and enlisted a private detective to track him down. Tantash went so far as to order hundreds of pounds worth of pizza to his workplace in a bid for his attention after their relationship fell apart.


The Telegraph reports that Tantash insisted that Mr. Rice had broken a 21-clause love contract deal.  She said that he had loaned him up to £50,000 in exchange for him signing a “love contract”. It’s reported that Mr. Rice had ended the fling for just a couple of weeks when Tantash began to make the outrageous demands.

When she refused to stop hounding him, Rice informed her he no longer wanted anything to do with her and requested that she leave him alone. But she refused, saying he owed her more than €50,000 and drafted a “love contract” which stipulated he should stop denying they were in a relationship.

The contract also stipulated that he reside with her three days a week, talk to her on the phone for at least 15 minutes every evening and be pleasant to her.

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