Dublin Manager Farrell Calls For Families To Attend Finals

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Dublin manager, Dessie Farrell has urged the GAA to grant the families of those involved permission to attend the All Ireland Finals of both hurling, and football.

Being permitted into Croke Park, would mean so much to the loved ones of the players involved, according to Farrell, “You look around the country today, we’re back in Level 3, every shopping centre the length, and breadth of the country is full of people buzzing around”.

“Allowing couple of hundred, or even thousand of people in, for both the hurling, and football finals, would make very little difference”.

“For a player to end up on the pitch here tonight, or on any given day, there is a huge amount of support in the background”.

Farrell explained the difficulty the players face, when they cannot share the matchday experience, with their families, “As a manager you are always concerned about the hype”.

“But by the same token, players are always putting in a massive effort, and it is nice to recognise that”.

“That’s tough on families, friends, and everyone who participates on the big day, as it is not only about the players who take to the field on the day. There is a lot of support behind that at home, and in workplaces”.