Dublin Property Prices Show 10% Rise Year On Year To August

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The price of houses and apartments jumped by almost 11% in the year to August. Prices continue to rise at a faster pace outside Dublin.

The Residential Property Price Index shows the price of houses and apartments increased by 10.9% nationally in the year to August.

Prices rose by 10.2% in Dublin, while they were up 11.5% outside the capital.

Within Dublin, the area which saw the highest growth in house prices was South Dublin at 12.6%, while Fingal prices were up 8.3%.

The largest rise in house prices, outside of the capital was along the border region at 20.7%. At the other end of the scale the south west saw an increase of 8.3%.

According to the CSO property prices nationally have recovered by over 103% from their lowest point in 2013.