Dublin School Sends Home Child With Covid-19

Primary school

A class in a Dublin primary school has been sent home after a student tested positive for Covid-19.

The primary school principal confirmed the case earlier today via The Claire Byrne show on RTÉ this morning.

All students in the class have been sent home as a precautionary measure in line with current public health guidance.

The principal of the school added that the child did not contract the virus in the school. The school re-opened its doors last Wednesday for the first time in six months since schools were first closed with the onset of widespread restrictions after the first cases in Ireland.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn was upfront and on-message when he told the media this week that new cases of Covid-19 in primary and secondary schools are likely with widesspread reopening.

“I am very aware that many of you are worried about the reopening of schools,” he said. “This concern is natural and is to be fully expected.

“There are no zero-risk options for reopening schools or indeed any other environment; the aim, therefore, is to reopen in as safe a way as possible.”