Dublin Street Parking Will Be More Expensive Next Year

Image: ABARONS / Shutterstock.com

Street parking in Dublin city centre will hit €4 an hour next year.

This means on-street parking in the capital will be more expensive than most multi-storey car parks.

The Ilac centre car park is currently €3.60 an hour, while Jervis and Arnotts car parks charge €3.

According to the planned changes, hourly charges for the yellow zone, including the busiest areas of the city centre, will rise from €3.50 to €4.

Slightly further from the city centre, the red zone charge will move from €3 to €3.50.

Parking in the lower-demand green zone will change from €1.80 to €2 and the orange zone will increase from €1.10 up to €1.20.

The city centre Sunday rate, from 2pm to 6pm, will change from €1.60 to €1.80.

Speaking to Newstalk, Dublin city councillor Mannix Flynn called the price hikes “another outrage.”

“I think it’s another hostile act against those who are driving a car trying to get into town, trying to do their shopping, trying to bring their parents to hospitals, schools with their children, etc.

“I think that this is another outrage, particularly in relation to that fact that we are in a cost of living crisis,” Flynn said.

“If you go into town, for instance, where you’re trying to support a restaurant, if you spend three hours in there that’s a fairly substantial price.

“Notwithstanding the fact that most people want to use their cars because public transport is unsafe,” he added.