Dublin’s ‘Dead Zoo’ Reopens Doors After Extensive Refurbishment

The Dead Zoo - Mounted African hippo (Hippopotamus amphibious). Taxidermy by Rowland Ward

The Natural History Museum on Merrion Street in Dublin, known fondly as “The Dead Zoo” has reopened its doors today after being shut for two years.

The ground floor of the much-loved attraction will be available to the public as work continues on the roof of the Victorian-era building.

Visitors will be able to see the museum’s iconic Giant Irish Deer, a selection of its Blaschka glass models and the Wonder Cabinet.


The team has spent almost 12 months assiduously removing and carefully transferring over 20,000 specimens, including a full-size whale skeleton in order to carefully preserve the

While the ground floor is reopening, the rest of the museum is a building site. The Office of Public Works has built a roof access platform underneath the glass ceiling to investigate the roof and understand the structure of the building, which is over 160 years old.

The work needed to fix the Victorian museum is expected to take some time and is part of a larger-scale refurbishment project of the entire building.

, Dublin’s ‘Dead Zoo’ Reopens Doors After Extensive Refurbishment
Natural History Museum Of Ireland – Merrion St Dublin