Dustin Moves To Appease Angry Yanks Butthurt Over Niall Horan Slight

Niall Horan - Dustin

Not since his infamous Eurovision entry of 2008 has Dustin the Turkey created such an apparent ‘fowl-up.’

Innocently or otherwise the DIY handy bird from the ‘Noggin’ created a backlash for an apparent slight on the Mullingar born pop singer Niall Horan.

Dustin joined up with his old buddies Zig, Zag and Ray D’Arcy on Friday night for RTE does Comic Relief in a special sketch of the Den which reawakened the lost youth of many.

Niall joined the gang for a performance of his tune Black and White, but Dustin joked that he wished he was Harry Styles!

Over the weekend, the global fanbase of Niall who don’t know Dustin from Adam, got in a snot over the comments calling his interruption of the performance “disgusting!”

The clip of the Den on Comic Relief quickly went viral and Niall Horan fans had the hastag #respectniallhoran trending over the weekend.

Niall Updates’ 145,000 followers, shared tweets such as “@RTERayDarcyShow @RTEOne what you guys did to @NiallOfficial is disgusting & unprofessional. He did it out of kindness & for charity.”

Dustin moved to balm the choppy waters and ease tensions by using twitter to tell people that he loves Niall, Americans and ‘the craic’ in a responce that would win admirers in the UN.