Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals His Family Tested Positive For Covid-19


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has revealed that he and his family tested positive for coronavrius.

He shared the news yesterday via an Instagram video to his 198 million followers.

In the video ‘The Rock’ reveals that him, his wife and daughters and now ‘on the other end of it and no longer contagious’.

“Testing positive for COVID-19 is a lot different than recovering from nasty injuries, getting evicted or being broke, which I’ve been more than a few times,” he said. “My No. 1 priority is to always protect my family and my loved ones … I wish it was only me that tested positive. It was my entire family and it was a kick in the gut. We as a family are good, we’re on the other end of it and no longer contagious. Thank God, we’re healthy.”

He continued, “We are counting our blessings right now. We are well aware you don’t always get to the other end of COVID-19 stronger and healthier. I have had some of my best friends lose their parents to this virus that is so incredibly relentless and unforgiving. We are counting our blessings, but we are good.”

Dwayne ended his video with a reminder to stay disciplined, wear a mask, and be strict about having people over or hosting gatherings.

“Stay disciplined. Boost your immune system. Commit to wellness. Wear your mask. Protect your family.” 

“Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings. Stay positive. And care for your fellow human beings. Stay healthy, my friends. DJ 🖤controlthecontrollables.”

You can watch the video here: