Elder Folk Left Distraught As Students Rent Rooms In Flat Complex

(Image: Google Maps)
(Image: Google Maps)

A housing charity has been moving foreign students into a senior citizen flat complex in Dublin’s North Inner City.

The elderly residents were moved out by The Catholic Housing Aid Society, as they await planning permission for a redevelopment of the site.

The Catholic Housing Aid Society operates one bedroom flats for senior citizens in James McSweeney House in Dublin’s North Inner City.

The complex was built in the mid-1980s and last month Chas applied for planning permission to demolish the block and build a new four story complex for 35 senior citizens.

While they await planning permission, the society has begun moving older people out and moving international students in. The Irish Times reports the students are being charged €800 a month, while senior citizens had been paying €238 a month.

The charity says it would be daft to leave the apartments lying empty while planning permission was sought. Chas also says it offered the empty units to Dublin City Council for homeless people, but they were refused.