Elton John Says He’s ‘Raring’ to Make More New Music After Hip Surgery

Elton John Announces New Album

Elton John reported that he’s “full of beans” and “raring” to make new music after his recent hip surgery

Following the music legend’s recent medical troubles, John was named Order of the Companions of Honour by Prince Charles at a ceremony at Windsor Castle this week. The prestigious award honors Elton John’s music career as well as his notable charity work. 

“I’ve had an amazing life, music has been my life, and I got this for music and for work for charity,” John said.

“I may not look as if I’m 100 per cent fit – but I’m not quite – but I’m still raring to go and I’ve got a lot more work to do as far as my life goes.”

He added: So this is just a reminder that there’s more to do. More work to do for music, more work to do for charity and life is great – I’m so lucky.

“I’ve had a hip replacement but I’m full of beans and I’m full of zest, but this is just a prompter to say ‘come on you’ve got more to do now’.”

Elton John was forced to postpone his recent Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour after suffering a hip injury in September. The singer told fans last week that he remains in pain and is experiencing restricted movement in his hip joint. 

In a recent interview with NME about the possibility of new music, John said: “I just think: I know all the old stuff; I love the new stuff. It’s the future I’m interested in. I’m not interested in the past – not even Elton John’s past.

“I know I have to sing what I do onstage but I very, very rarely go back and listen to my own records. I’m more interested in hearing something new.”

John recently released a UK chart-topping collaborative album ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ which he will follow up with a Christmas duet with Ed Sheeran later this month.