End Of Led Zep Collaboration Left Jason Bonham ‘More Devastated’


Jason Bonham has revealed that the end of his musical collaboration with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones left him more “devastated” than when the Led Zeppelin reunion ended.

The rocker maintains he found it more upsetting than when Robert Plant refused to continue with The Zep after they had got together for the one-off show in 2007.


According to UCR, Jason, whose father John Bonham was the original drummer of the band, said that the six week rehearsal period with the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin, had meant so much to him.

The show itself had been one of the most memorable of his career, he had enjoyed it, despite all the pressures around it, as apparently, Plant had previously informed him that he would only perform in one show.

Then, after coming together, Page and Jones began a period of new experimentation which took place during 2008, but unfortunately, this collaboration disintegrated after they failed to find the right singer, even with an audition list that included Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy, among others.

In a recent interview with Q105.7, Bonham said that after a short time into the reunion, Page announced that the reunion was not going to continue:

“But it was very, very special at that time. Later on, of course, just after Robert said that, I then got the phone call from Jimmy and John Paul, and we started to do some stuff.”

Bonham continued: “To be writing, to go write, to be in the situation of writing with those two guys was just another world. Jimmy turned around at one point and said, ‘Okay, have you got any idea you wanna work on, Jason?’ And I’m like, ‘Woah, what?’

“That was just so much fun, just to be in that environment, to still be around them.” He went on to say that when this venture finished, it was even more devastating than when the reunion broke up. “Knowing that it wasn’t gonna happen anymore kind of, it sucked.”

By that time, Bonham said, he had stopped playing with Foreigner so that he could give his time to what became an abandoned project:

“So what grew from that was, as a manager of the time said, ‘Why don’t you just do this little Zeppelin thing… a tribute to your dad, kinda get it out your system?’” he said. “Out of one sadness came something that brings so much joy to me and so many others.”

Transcript: UCR

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