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Missed the entertainment news? If you've been busy this week and not had the chance to catch up on entertainment news, then you've come to the right place. Here's a round-up of some of the top stories from the world of entertainment news from NOVA.

Sony Admits To Publishing Fake Michael Jackson Songs

Clint Drieberg
We don’t play an awful lot of this guy, but this is a HUGE music story we just can't miss! In 2010,...

Irish Artist Soulé Drops Upbeat Bittersweet New Single

Elaine Stenson
Irish artist, Soulé has released her new single, ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, which is out now. The song is a bittersweet story...

Locals Oppose Plans for U2 Museum At Hanover Quay

Elaine Stenson
Plans for a U2 museum in Dublin's docklands have been sent back to the drawing board. The four storey building proposed for...

Spike Lee’s New Video For Prince Song “Mary Don’t You Weep” 

Clint Drieberg
Spike Lee has released a video for the Prince song “Mary Don’t You Weep” The stripped-down recording plays over the end credits also in  Lee’s...

SEE: The Shock Electric Picnic Act & Mick Jagger Get...

Clint Drieberg
Electric Picnic are bringing back the slow set and have confirmed the final headline act for its Throwback Stage - and...

Medical Help On Hand For Drug-Users At Electric Picnic

Elaine Stenson
The Ana Liffey Drug Project says it will be on hand to aid those who take drugs at Electric Picnic. The support...

Liam Gallagher Goes To The Pub For Sunday Lunch

Clint Drieberg
Punters at a Staffordshire pub were left star struck when Liam Gallagher popped in for his Sunday lunch - the day...

First Ever ‘Mammy Rose’ At The Rose Of Tralee Finals

Elaine Stenson
The Rose of Tralee has been introduced to its first ever 'Mammy Rose'. Carlow Rose Shauna Ray Lacey is the first mother...

MeToo Actress Exposed As Hypocrite

One of the principal #MeToo advocates actress Asia Argento has settled an accusation of sexual assault from former child actor and...

Winona Ryder’s Convinced She Married Keanu Reeves On Set Of Dracula

David Layde
Actress, Winona Ryder believes she became betrothed to Keanu Reeves 25 years ago on the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. Considering no divorce papers...

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