Evanescence’s Stage Gear Burnt After Knotfest Mexico Cancelled


According to reports, Evanescence‘s stage equipment was set ablaze on Sunday night in Mexico after Slipknot‘s Knotfest Mexico was called off. The cancellation was just before its final two performances.

The latest edition of the travelling festival happened Saturday (November 30) at Parque Deportivo Oceania in Mexico City.

, Evanescence’s Stage Gear Burnt After Knotfest Mexico Cancelled

Slipknot were meant to headline the festival that also included Evanescence, Behemoth, Godsmack, Bullet For My Valentine to name a few.

However, Slipknot were forced to call off their show because of a broken barricade and an inability to mend it.

The band wrote in a joint statement on Twitter. “Because of a broken barricade and failed attempts to fix it, Slipknot were forced to cancel our performance last night.” Evanescence was also forced to cut their set due to the same issue.

After some festival-goers wind of the cancellation, they stormed the stage and destroyed a variety of equipment. The NME reports that some of the gear belonged to Evanescence.

 A tweet by an Evanescence fan page read: “People attending the festival proceeded to throw things on stage after the announcement of the cancellation and cause serious damage to Evanescence’s equipment.”