Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Festival

Thrive Festival

Thrive Festival is for everyone who is interested in health and wellbeing. You will hear from the coolest change-makers and experts who are passionate about teaching us how to live a healthier and happier life.  It will challenge and excite you and leave you happier, healthier and more fulfilled than when you arrived.

Wellness is not a one size fits all and finding what works for you is key to being the best version of yourself.  Thrive Festival is giving everyone who attends the chance to tailor their session to what suits and interests them.

Come in your workout gear.  Bring a notebook and a pen.  There’s no need to bring a yoga mat or any other equipment as everything will be provided.  There is no ATM on site but credit cards are accepted.

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st March 2019 in the iconic The Convention Centre Dublin

Saturday 30th:  8.30am to 3pm or 12.30pm to 7pm
Sunday 31st: 8:30am to 3pm or 12.30pm to 7pm

Each session costs €47:50

What’s Going On?

The day begins with the Signature Speaker’s talk.

Gemma Atkinson is taking the stage on Saturday and on Sunday it is Dr Hazel Wallace, The Food Medic.

After that, you’re free to attend whatever classes or workshops that interest you.

There’s no need to pre-book classes but it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the timetables beforehand so you can make the most of your time.


  1. THRIVE Signature Stage:

The main stage featuring talks with speakers, Gemma Atkinson on Saturday and Dr Hazel Wallace on Sunday

2. Fitness Stages

With everything from an exclusive session with KOBOX and Ballet Beautiful to Zumba and HITT this is where to go to work up a sweat.  

  • THRIVE Move 1 with Pure Athlete
  • THRIVE Move 2 with PlayerLayer
  • lululemon Sweat Life
  • Zumba @ THRIVE
  • F45 @ THRIVE


  • 4. Mindfulness Stages

Yoga with a live cello,  arm balancing masterclasses, cardio barre and body scan meditation.  Tune in to your inner self and delve a little deeper.

  • THRIVE Yoga 1
  • THRIVE Yoga 2
  • THRIVE Pilates & Barre
  • THRIVE Energy Vibes & Healing

4. THRIVE Talk Stages

Leading celebrity presenters and experts with be talking over the weekend.  Some of the many topics include self-care, goal setting, switching off and sleeping better, decluttering, gut health, intuitive eating, quitting fast fashion and living more sustainably.

  • THRIVE Life
  • THRIVE Grow
  • THRIVE Talks Stage with Kelloggs
  • THRIVE Inner Wellness with Symprove

5. THRIVE Cookery Stage with Activia

A mix of cookery demos and practical meal planning tips  

6. THRIVE Marketplace

A key part of the Thrive Festival with delicious food and drink, natural beauty products as well as tastings and experiences.

There is so much more to this amazing festival, check out all the details here.