Expert Urging Six Month Delay For Christmas Family gatherings

Dr. Gabriel Scally

A leading public health expert has urged families to postpone their Christmas gatherings for six months until the June summer solstice.

Dr Gabriel Scally – an expert in epidemiology and public health – who worked as an independent cervical check independent report authour into the cervical check scandal said today “I would like to suggest that governments should say: ‘Well, we’re going to postpone, from the deepest depths of winter, that family gathering. And we’re going to have them in June, around the solstice in June. And we’re going to give you two more bank holidays then – public holidays….. And by that time the vaccine will have helped us enormously.”

Families are more than likely to come together next week from the four corners, for festive gatherings which will be permitted under Christmas health guidelines.

Dr. Scally told RTE’s Today with Claire Byrne that the virus “spreads like wildfire in family gatherings. This is especially concerning for older family members.

And that’s exactly what we want to avoid. That’s exactly what mustn’t happen.”