Explosion in Sex Toy Sales Reported During Lockdown

Sex toys - istockphoto.com

Sales of sex toys have increased by 170% during lockdown according to a variety of industry insiders.

Irish retailers say the selection of toys being purchased has also expanded and online business has saved shops from closure.

Seattle native Shawna Scott owner of Sex Siopa.ie in Galway and Dublin says sales have been booming:

”In the space of one month I did triple the amount of sales I would normally do at Christmas time. In any other circumstance I would have to hire staff but it was just me and boyfriend just like wrapping orders all day long, working 12 hours shifts, six days a week for a month. Places are starting to open back up again but I’m still seeing a good number of sales.”

Irish sex shops have seen a massive spike in tarde during lockdown. The selection of toys being purchased has widened according to many retailers.

Robert Doyle owner of Playblue.ie in Kilkenny and Dublin says old hang-ups are now gone.

”There was that old Irish view that you know whatever, sex toys were, you know perverted in some way. But I can guarantee you there’s not one single person in this country who couldn’t find something that they’d like on an adult toy store. There is something there for everyone and people have had the time and the space to do a bit of research and find it you know, and that’s something that we have found.”