Fancy Jamming With.. TONY IOMMI?!


We’ve spoken a few times on Nova’s Rock Report about Kevin Godley’s Whole World Band App.

That’s the piece of clever tech stuff that allows you to jam with mates anywhere in the world, rockers like Ronnie Wood have donated tracks to jam along to.

Now something similar could be in the offing from Iommi. That’s right, Tony in your rehearsal space playing (kinda) with your band!

HOW? Tony and mate Brian May got talking, Tony told Brian he has all these riffs laying about doing nothing so the idea is to get them out there and give them to you to build tracks around!


Soon as we know any more details, we’ll pass them on!

Meanwhile,  Iommi has been busy with his Black Sabbath bandmates making ’13,’ their first album with Ozzy in 35 years. Osbourne has been saying this new album could be the most important of his career.