Fears Ireland Could Feel Impact Of Hurricane Florence


Hurricane Florence is expected to strike the US east coast this week bringing with it catastrophic winds, flooding and storm surge.

More than a million people were ordered to evacuate their homes after the former tropical storm was upgraded to a category 4 hurricane.

It is expected to carry winds of up to 209 km p/hour with it expected to make landfall at North Carolina by Thursday.


Fears grew that the hurricane could then head towards Ireland with some forecasters suggesting it could get picked up by a non-tropical storm or jet stream which would cause it to move eastwards.

Weather expert Alan O’Reilly of Carlow Weather warned there are currently three active hurricanes over the Atlantic but said their is no risk at present of any reaching Irish shores.

He said: “There is no risk at present to Ireland from these storms, Helene may track north in the Atlantic but too far out to discuss in any detail.”

Meanwhile, Irish punters can expect to be lashed out of it today with heavy rainfall affecting most of the country.